the student partners

Karl OtsKarl Ots (Twitter, Blog)
Karl studies computer sciences and interactive design at University of Tampere. Karl believes that smart mobile devices and great user experiences will make the world a better place. He applies that passion to his work as a technical consultant at Symbio.
Jesse Santtila (Twitter)
Jesse is an IT student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He loves technology, gadgets, design, punk rock and video
games. He has been lately very excited about the upcoming Finnish startup-scene and brilliant ideas people come up with.
Teemu Tapanila (Twitter, Blog)
Teemu is enthusiastic developer who loves to learn new stuff by doing while studying Computer Science in Aalto University. Teemu is working as a guru in AppCampus and involved in the Windows Phone Aalto Community and Aalto Entrepreneurship Society.
Tsuri Kamppuri (Twitter)
Tsuri is a bachelor student of Media Engineering. While not toying around with bleeding edge tools in web development and gulping down copious amounts of energy drinks, he indulges in occasional trips to snowy forests with a board under his feet.
Niina GromovNiina Gromov Niina has graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Science as bachelor in data networks and telecommunications. Now she studies Service Design and Engineering in Aalto University. She is really enthusiastic about usability and service design and wants to develope awesome applications for the Windows Phone.Her other passions are organizing events, traveling and wine.
Juha Niskala (Twitter)
Juha is a computer science student at University of Eastern Finland where he also works as research assistant. He is truly technology enthusiast trying to get people around himself to adopt the newest gadgets. Juha is one of the founders of
Irene PöllänenIrene Pöllänen
Irene studies Computer Science and works as a Research Assistant at Kuopio Campus in the University of Eastern Finland. She is enthusiastic about science, technology and creating new stuff. She is one of the founders of
Niko TuominenNiko Tuominen (Twitter)
Niko is currently a student at Cygnaeus-lukio upper secondary school in Jyväskylä. He is interested in technology and loves playing with new hardware more than anything. In his free time he likes to listen to great music, watch good movies and do some pc gaming.
Joel LattoJoel Latto (Website , Twitter)
Joel is an Information Systems Science student from Jyväskylä University. Joel has moved over to the Ambassador-program, and you can follow his blogging over at Aktivori-blog.
Sakari Niiniskorpi (Twitter)
Sakari is an IT-Student at Metropolia University of Applied Science. He is Microsoft fanboy and spends most of his time working with different Microsoft technologies. He loves working as software developer and when he is not coding for Windows phone or Windows 8, he is likely cycling or travelling around Asia.
Alex KivikoskiAlex Kivikoski (Twitter)
Alex is an IT student from Turku University of Applied Sciences with a great passion for good looking design in web and
mobile software. He has four applications in Windows Phone marketplace and the number is going to grow soon. On his free time he plays flute, bass and other instruments and runs his own business.
Antti Knutas
Antti is a master’s student in IT and a research assistant. His current interests and main strenghts are in web development and mobile technologies. When he isn’t working with research or IT projects, he does photography on his free time.
JesseTuominenJesse Tuominen (@JesseTuominen)
Jesse is an IT student at Turku University of Applied Sciences. He loves Windows Phone development and wants to make the web a more beautiful place to explore. He also likes to organize events and tries to get to the gym everyday. Jesse is one of the founders of
teemupetajaniemiTeemu Petäjäniemi (@Tpetajaniemi)Teemu is IT student at Metropolia Leppävaara. He is a technology enthusiast and tries to be a better programmer. Other that programming and technology, Teemu enjoys photography, online video games and lasertag. Lately Teemu has used a lot of time in learning Windows phone and Windows 8 application development. He believes life could be easier with better software.

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