the clubs

All around Finland the MSP’s are setting up and organizing Student Tech Clubs in various forms. Some Clubs organize Intermittent events and some meet on a regular basis, what’s most important is were creating a nationwide network of students who share the same passion for technology and breaking down the barriers of distance by means of social media, events and networking.

Haaga-Helia Windows Phone Social Club
A Community of likeminded students interested in mobile development in the Haaga-Helia University of Applied sciences. Organized by Jesse Santtila.

Jyväskylä Student Tech Club
JySTeC is the Student Tech Club for students of Jyväskylä University and the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. Organized by Tsuri Kamppuri and Jarno Montonen.

Salo Student Tech Club
SSTC is the place to be for students of Turku University of Applied Scinces. The Club is organized by Jesse Tuominen, Samuli Sulkko and Ville Koskinen.

TechClub Tampere
A city with an important role in Finnish technology and innovation is represented by TechClub Tampere. TechClub Tampere combines student from all the universities in Tampere: Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere and TAMK University of Applied Sciences. Organized by Karl Ots and Joni Saarelainen.

Windows Phone Aalto Community

Organized around Aalto Unviersity’s Otaniemi campus the Windows Phone Aalto Community is an independent organization co-operating with Microsoft Student Partners and Teemu Tapanila as a founding memeber.

Additionally, all student tech communities are connected to Go Underground, the main source of information on these


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