the alumni

Here you can meet the honored MSP alumni. Our very own proverbial wall of fame. Now that the MSP-program has been running for a few years, we can celebrate some of our previous members and their career stories. Each of the alumni were asked to draft out a small introduction of themselves and what they’ve been up to since graduation.

We will update this page in the future as new Student Partners graduate and want to participate.

Teemu Haila

Teemu HailaMy focus has always been in video games and any technologies that allow me to either enjoy playing or developing them. The experience I gained during my time the MSP programme helped me to secure my first industry job right after graduation as a “mobile native”, meaning I had in depth understanding of mobile game development before it became wide spread. In retrospect I think that’s what being an MSP is all about: exploring all the new and crazy things you can do with stuff that may or may not become the next big thing. Before you know it, that may turn from an awesome hobby in to an awesome job!


Kristian Tuomilehto

Kristian TuomilehtoThe MSP program was the reason, I got a job at Microsoft. I joined Microsoft Finland right after graduation through the Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH), which is an exclusive and global recruitment program. For two years I worked as a technical specialist (Partner Technology Advisor) for Office 365 in the Finnish Partner team. The role required technical, business and people skills – just what I wanted. I recently moved to a new role within Microsoft. I wanted to try something new, which is why I moved into a sales role (Solution Sales Specialist – Productivity).

The MSP program opened the doors for me and has given me a great network (which keeps growing). While in the program, I benefited a lot from the training opportunities. I am proud of being an MSP alumni and have made many good friends during these years, in Finland and abroad.

My tips for the future MSP’s and Alumni are:

  • Always keep your promises, work smart and be consistent and build a brand around you.
  • Grow a professional network and keep important people close. Let them know, what you are aspiring for and what you know.
  • Employers are looking for good personalities. Social skills, attitude and proactive grip can be, what helps you differentiate yourself, even if you skills are not yet there yet.
  • Specialize your knowledge, but understand the broader picture. Understand what the benefits of IT solutions bring to the business.

Twitter:  @ktuomilehto



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