Mentors of WOWZAPP FI 2012 – Jeffrey Burtoft


The next mentor I got to talk to was Jeff Burtoft who has come a long way to our northern winterland from sunny Redmond. Continue reading

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Mentors of WOWZAPP FI 2012 – Jarno Montonen

Jarno the Mentor It’s nearing 1 AM and people are still hacking away at their cool apps here at Wowzapp Finland 2012. I was lucky enough to get a hold of a former MSP and a good friend of mine, Jarno Montonen, who is mentoring the teams here. Continue reading

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Wowzapp is here!

The biggest Windows 8 seminar-hackathon-event-extravaganza-thing in the world is ON! And like many other locations around the globe, Finland is also rocking. Continue reading

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Installation Fest awesomeness in Tampere!

As a preparation for the absolutely brilliant, awesome and up-coming WOWZAPP Hackathon, the MSPs here in Tampere set up for the challenge of making the students from Tampere seen and heard like never before at the biggest hackathon in Finland this year. Continue reading

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*que epic orchestra music*

Are you readyyyyyy? For the most epicly mind-blowing hackathon extravaganza superduperness of the year?

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OneNote – quick, simple and fun way to take notes!

If I had to name one Microsoft’s software product that is hugely underrated, that would be Microsoft OneNote. This neat little Office tool has been around nearly ten years, but I can name only a handful of my friends who have even heard of it – let alone used it. To be honest even I was not really aware of it until I saw this clever commercial:

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Toast notifications with Windows Phone 7.5 and Azure

Toast notifications are one kind of push notifications. They are sent by a web service and can be received by a phone even when it doesn’t have your application open. They work like SMS and Facebook messaging on Windows Phone, showing a box with an icon, a title and some text on the top of the screen when received.

Toast notification received in the home screen

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