Geeks On Wheels tour

The tour keeps on going! Jyväskylä, done. Joensuu, done. Kuopio and Kajaani, coming up! The guys have been really happy with peoples attitudes towards the technology and the excitement the students have. Here’s some awesome pics from the roadcrew on their stop at Jyväskylä.

BRRRRRROOOOOM goes the RV engine as the geekiest of roadcrews drive off into the sunset after the first tourstop in Lappeenranta. Hopefully the guys can find their way to Kajaani by morning when this blogpost is published, or they’ll be starting a new MSP chapter in Russian Carelia.

This is it you guys! The Geekiest rocktour has been set afoot! The guy’s are ready, the van is set and it’s time to take on Finnish Universities from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and back again. First stop is Lappeenranta and the crew should be arriving on site shortly. This is going to be legen…
The tour is getting closer and the hype is here! The guys are decorating the RV, Drazen is sharpening his powerpoints and the oomapa-loompas are carrying the metric tons of swag to the back of the truck. Just check out these images from the depths of the HQ!


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