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*que epic orchestra music* Are you readyyyyyy? For the most epicly mind-blowing hackathon extravaganza superduperness of the year? Advertisements

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Windows 8 and the gaming industry

This is sort of an unofficial sequel to my last blog post, but this time the topic is much more specific. A friend of mine asked me after he had read my previous post that why I did not address … Continue reading

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Global Game Jam is a-foot!

The Global game jam is on. The bestest place to ne if you’re into hackathons and games development and competing with your ideas in general.

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Kung Fu High Impact Impacts Finnish Kung Fu Highly

Last week Jesse, Samuli and Drazen took a hike around Otaniemi to track down and interview the first Finnish game developers – Virtual Air Guitar Company – to launch a real-live commercial kinect game – Kung Fu High Impact. Zen-masters … Continue reading

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