the program

Microsoft Student Partners are a gathering of students, mostly in the field of Information Technologies under the patronage of Microsoft.

The stuff we MSP’s do are obviously around Microsoft technologies, .NET and lately a heavy focus on Windows Phone 7. We ArcticMSP’s are some mean-green buzz-inducing, hype-creating machines. We are all student’s and as we don’t get paid to do this, then what makes us tick? Usually it’s an unhealthy enthusiasm for technology and fanboyism mixed with the urge to get involved and get in touch with the latest and greatest in the industry. The Program provides a great shortcut straight up to the professional scene and networks. It’s not a job, it’s an opportunity.

What your average MSP does is spread the word to their respective educational facility, universities and colleges. They are the first frontier of student-developer-focused evangelism, usually led by Microsoft’s Academic Development Evangelist. Our local ADE is currently Drazen Dodik (@DiggTheDrazen). The Students set up and run what are generally referred to as Student Tech Clubs and you can check more info on them from the clubs-page. We are also often the mover-shakers behind several kinds of related events and social scenes as hackathons and seminars.

For a more in-depth description, check out our first blog-post.

You should also check out our Facebook and Twitter!


The Finnish MSP team from last winter's Nordic-Baltic summit.


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