Tech Days 2013

This year’s Tech Days came to a successful finish yesterday and like every year, it was full of good, current info on the latest Microsoft products and a lot of knowledge was shared. Both keynotes covered the basic themes of the actual sessions and built some curiosity and hype about the upcoming sessions. On Tuesday morning Tim O’Brien talked about Windows 8 with Jukka Wallasvaara giving a technical spin with demos. On Wednesday morning Keenan Newton gave the IT Pro keynote on sharepoint.

On the developer tracks we had great sessions ranging from simple demos and design to very deep technical details. Session themes were obviously around Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 but a lot of good stuff about Azure was also available. The speakers this year included our very own MSP-gurus Karl Ots (@fincooper) and Teemu Tapanila (@TapanilaT) talking about windows 8 and azure in a variety of sessions. There wasn’t really that much groundbreaking stuff on the dev track since no new software products have really come out since last year’s Tech Days. However as the WinRT and WinPRT gain some maturity we get a better handle on some best practices and the developers have real-life experiences with products they’ve worked with.

Karl spreading his wisdom about sharing codebase between WinRT and WinPRT

Karl spreading his wisdom about sharing codebase between WinRT and WinPRT

On the IT-Pro side if the event, topics ranged from Windows Server and Exchange 2013 to Office 365 and Sharepoint 2012 with a heavy focus on integrating EVERYTHING. There was stuff about the higher end too, like System center and such, but we MSP’s might not be the best people to comment on that. As the new devices and OS’s have had a moment to take over the markets’s some enterprise device management solutions started taking the stage. For one, Capricode had an MDM solution to present and a lot of the talks also mentioned using the new software with the new hardware in actual business environments.

The front row geeksquad

The front row geeksquad

On both evenings after the official agenda the MSP’s had roundtable discussions to introduce some of our new members and to generate ideas for app production and how can we, as MSPs engage our networks or schools to produce apps for both platforms. Ideas were shared and I bet the new peeps got a lot of good pointers for future reference.

One of the teams sharing ideas about generating apps in our academic networks

One of the teams sharing ideas about generating apps in our academic networks (and one team member apparently facebooking)

About Jesse Santtila

Jesse is an IT student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He loves technology, gadgets, design, punk rock and video games. He is fanatic about the Finnish startup- and games development-scene and brilliant ideas people come up with.
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