Meet the Alumni!

old peepsThe Microsoft Student Partners Program has been going on in Finland for a few years now and we are just now starting to see more and more graduated MSP’s doing great things in their young careers. These guys and girls are known as the MSP Alumni.

As all good things, being an Microsoft Student Partner must end some day too. This usually happens when you graduate and move on with your career and that’s the way it should be. However, we would like to celebrate these success stories in the form of short biographies and introductions of our Alumni, and recent graduates. For these introductions, head to the alumni-page, for a couple of the first ones, Teemu Haila and Kristian Tuomilehto giving a shout-out to the future, current MSP’s and other student followers of the blog.

In addition to our local MSP wall of fame, Microsoft is also launching a proper, global community for the MSP graduates. This whole operation is however still in pre-production, but if you are interested, take part in this survey to get a first contact with other MSP Alumni and get invited to the new community. 


About Jesse Santtila

Jesse is an IT student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He loves technology, gadgets, design, punk rock and video games. He is fanatic about the Finnish startup- and games development-scene and brilliant ideas people come up with.
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