Tech Clubs in WOWZAPP Finland

I took aside a few minutes and sat down with some of the Tech Clubs that gathered to WOWZAPP FI 2012.

Salo Tech Club

Salo Tech Club departed for WOWZAPP with 28 people on board, of which six are the club’s own mentors. Their goal for this hackathon was to get each their participating team to a good start, a goal which they have provenly succeeded in: football AI with Kodu, Windows 8 game with MonoGame and another with HTML5, and data fetching and UI demo just to name a few projects. But the absolute coolest story is this: one group that had never really coded anything before has created a Windows 8 application – a soundboard with proper touch UI – that’s going to Windows Store.

Salo Tech Club assembles over 40 people together each week – people appear to the meeting venue well before the doors even open. They are about to announce big events so stay tuned!

Jyväskylä Student Tech Club

Jyväskylä Student Tech Club JySTeC’s ride attracted instead of usual club members this time exchange students which is nothing to take away from Jyväskylä’s participation. These guys and girls have coded two different layers for their applications back and front-end, and even a TCP layer in between those two for interaction. That’s some impressive work in this short time. Jyväskylä’s old mentor Jarno Montonen is here a C# mentor and he was actually interviewed in a Mentor series of these WOWZAPP blogposts, and Tsuri was part of the social media team keeping people updated all the time through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube along with the rest of the media team.

We also had representation at least from Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Tampere and Metropolia.

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