Mentors of WOWZAPP FI 2012 – Jarno Montonen

Jarno the Mentor It’s nearing 1 AM and people are still hacking away at their cool apps here at Wowzapp Finland 2012. I was lucky enough to get a hold of a former MSP and a good friend of mine, Jarno Montonen, who is mentoring the teams here.



Jarno Montonen

How are you feeling, what’s on your mind right now, Jarno?

It’s been… an interesting experience… to walk up to someone else’s computer not knowing what’s coming, but mainly all the cases I’ve been able to solve or aid with relatively well. Just now I was wrestling half an hour with Team Foundation Server not knowing much about it in the beginning, but now I’m already a master of sorts.

Mentoring must come in many varieties?

Definitely. Some need help solving errors that can be solved by interpreting the debugger, some need architectural consulting. Some just want to pitch their ideas and reflect whether they’re doable, viable and sensible to begin with. There’s a lot of deviance in between cases.”

You came here pretty much straight after work, any thoughts on the hackathon so far considering you’ve only been here for a while?

The food has been really, really good. In general the hackathon seems well organized, everything seems to go smoothly.

Still going strong?

Absolutely! Music’s really good, not too protruding but inspiring enough!

Follow the event on Twitter, #wowzapp for global updates, and #wowzappfi and @wowzappi for updates related to the Finnish event. Follow also the WOWZAPP live stream by Ch9 at

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Tsuri KamppuriTsuri Kamppuri (@tsurinosu)

Tsuri Kamppuri is a Bachelor’s Degree student of media engineer from JAMK University of Applied Sciences. While not developing software for Suomen Verkkomaksut where he works he enjoys a healthy dose of HTML5 and front-end development with a hint of occasional snowboard and powder snow under his feet.

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