Installation Fest awesomeness in Tampere!

As a preparation for the absolutely brilliant, awesome and up-coming WOWZAPP Hackathon, the MSPs here in Tampere set up for the challenge of making the students from Tampere seen and heard like never before at the biggest hackathon in Finland this year.  After intensive days of marketing and face-to-face promoting WOWZAPP, an overwhelming group of almost 80 students signed up to WOWZAPP through us from the universities in Tampere! Still not counting the people that haven’t registered through us, I can safely assure that the young developers and enthusiasts from Tampere will be noticed throughout the event!

On the 1st day on the chilling month of November we gathered participants of WOWZAPP for an Installation Fest at Tampere University of Applied sciences – with almost 40 people attending, at least one person from every signed in group! Organizing my first official event as a MSP I was clearly overwhelmed first of all by the amount of people that signed up for the hackathon, plus the amount of attenders at the Installation Fest.

As the crowd started to get anxious about what the evening has to offer, we set of by re-presenting the full details and schedule of WOWZAPP and agreed to leave for the workshops first thing in the morning on the 9th! I hope everyone will get enough sleep before the 8-hour workshops and 24-hour hackathon ;) After necessities we got to the really hot stuff! Installing (the free!) Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 from Dreamspark did not go as well as planned due to some networking difficulties, but the innovative students did not give up and great teamwork was shown right from the beginning! During the installation Karl gave the participants a small demo show of the possibilities of Windows 8 as I tried to help with the network and some registration problems the best I could. In the end, the attendees were instructed to already sign up as developers to the Microsoft Store – now we are all set up, fired up and ready to rumble!

All an all, the students from Tampere seem very excited, and I think I did hear some ideas for the awesome apps and games waiting to be made at WOWZAPP 2012! Dipoli (and the world!) we are coming for YOU!

See you at WOWZAPP!

About the author

Mika Haapsaari

Mika is an IT student from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and a new addition to the Student Partner flock. Enthusiastic about new technology and next generation innovation, Mika is always open for something new. On his free time he likes to work with student organizations but always saves some time for some geeky stuff to work on!


About arcticmsp

The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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