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Are you readyyyyyy? For the most epicly mind-blowing hackathon extravaganza superduperness of the year?

This here, right now, is an awesome time to be a student developer. You get to ride the wavefront of a new revolution of mobile and software development. Long gone are the icky grey winforms applications and the obsolete corporate desktop shenanigans as we get ready for the launch of Windows 8 and obviously all the other products closely related.

What is it?

Wowzapp is a worldwide hackathon-event organized in 5 different corners of the world and Finland(Well… Espoo particularily) is one of these lucky happy places. The Finnish venue is the day’s heart of Western Europe and boasts to host up to 500 attendees.

Finland has a wide range of partners and communities taking part in the event and will be a golden opportunity for networking, job-seeking, hiring and all-around show-offery of your awesome dev skills.

When and where is it?

The entire event takes place throughout 7.11.-10.11.2012.

7.11. is a faculty day for teachers and staff at schools to help them find new ways and technologies to teach

8.11. we have a Windows seminar to get a sense of what it really is to develop for Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms.

9.11. App and Games development workshops with a little more hands on approach to teaching you the skills needed in the hackathon.

The night between 9th and 10th is devoted for the 24h hackathon. The timeframe is from 5pm Friday to 5pm Saturday.

Excluding the Faculty day, all the other stuff is hosted at Dipoli Congress Centre – Otakaari 24, Espoo

Some Finnish Schools are organizing bus rides for the event, for example Turku UAS, HAMK and JAMK. Check your local Tech Club for further details.

Who can sign up and how?

The event is mainly for students but I dare say no-one will kick you out if your card’s expired. The event is free and Microsoft will be providing food and beverages for the crowd to keep the code flowing.

There is no required skill-set other than an open mind and obviously the desire to learn. The goal is a working prototype but keep in mind, it’s always the brilliant ideas that get the judges love and praise.

How can I prepare and what tools will I need?

Well the essential thing is to have a Windows 8-computer. As a student, you can get it free from DreamSpark or MSDN AA and some schools are organizing local install-fests to get people’s tools in order. Here’s one for Tampere and one for Helsinki. Other locations include Aalto Venture Garage, JysTec, Lappeenranta University of Technology, UEF, Kuopio Campus. More information from the tech clubs-page or their social media outlets or your local student partners.
You’ll also need Visual Studio 2012 (should also be available in your MSDN AA and DreamSpark) or one of the Express editions you can find in
If not, contact a local MSP for more info.

Also, an important note here: HAVE YOUR IDEA READY WHEN YOU COME! 24 is a limited time to make the judges heads spin with wonder and there’s no time to waste drawing stick-figures on whiteboards! You can also join with an existing app and develop it to a peak condition with the mentor’s help.

A few words about the partners involved

Obviously the event itself is organized by Microsoft, but it has several associates and partners involved. Most notably the AppCampus-program, that has granted 20 000 euros as prize money. Other partners, such as Nokia, User Intelligence, Young Developers Finland and Avanade provide mentors, help and world reknown specialists from their staff and Microsoft itself to help you make the best app out there.


App Campus
User Intelligence
Young Developers

Mark my words people, this is the best time to grab life by the gonads and be an early adopter in the truest sense of the word!

The Wowzapp page and registration.

Other blogposts about the event:




About Jesse Santtila

Jesse is an IT student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He loves technology, gadgets, design, punk rock and video games. He is fanatic about the Finnish startup- and games development-scene and brilliant ideas people come up with.
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