OneNote – quick, simple and fun way to take notes!

If I had to name one Microsoft’s software product that is hugely underrated, that would be Microsoft OneNote. This neat little Office tool has been around nearly ten years, but I can name only a handful of my friends who have even heard of it – let alone used it. To be honest even I was not really aware of it until I saw this clever commercial:

Since seeing that I’ve been using OneNote mainly for taking notes during lectures. It is awesome because it doesn’t matter whether or not I have my laptop with me, because I can use OneNote just as easily with my Windows Phone. But in this blog post I am revealing for you how to re-enact that commercial in your own life, what technologies you need and what are supported, and how OneNote can really make your life easier. Let’s do this!

1. Download OneNote. It does come with any Microsoft Office package, but for us lucky Windows 8 users it’s free! Going by the name of OneNote MX it can be downloaded from Windows Store, and it uses the full beauty and potential of Windows 8’s new UI design. Then you also need a client for you smart phone and Microsoft has in its wisdom released OneNote to all major mobile platforms: Windows Phone, Android, iOS and even for the good ol’ Symbian.

2. First off I opened the OneNote MX on my desktop computer and created a new Notebook (“Arctic MSP blog”), then a new section (“Test section”) and finally the single note itself (“Ostoslista”). I also added some random content in it. “Bullets” and other text tweaks can be added by pushing the -button.

3. Sharing a notebook directly from the OneNote MX isn’t supported just yet, so I will show you the old fashioned way to do this. Open IE and navigate to your Skydrive. Open “Recent docs” and on the top of the list you should see your newly made notebook:

4. Select your notebook and click “Share”. Make sure to tick both of those optional boxes in the sharing screen. In this case, I sent my notebook for my girlfriend. She has not yet upgraded to Windows Phone, so I am eager to see how my notes show up on her android device.

5. Looking good!
Both phones automatically synced the notebook and have equal rights to edit and update it. Now that’s what I would call a cross-ecosystem awesomeness!

6. And that’s it, you are done. Remember to pin important notes right to the start screen so that they are immediately available when needed. And this was just a simple example, but I have a hunch that you get the idea of what kind of great power OneNote has hidden inside. Start exploring its possibilities today and become a true lifehacker with Microsoft OneNote.

About the Author

Joel LattoJoel Latto (Website)
Joel is an Information Systems Science student from Jyväskylä University. He is into all things digital, always seeking out the thrills of new technology and innovations. Between that and his work at mobile marketing, he tries to hide his geekyness behind random extreme recreational activities.


About arcticmsp

The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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One Response to OneNote – quick, simple and fun way to take notes!

  1. Roop says:

    Why is it a confusing program? Very easy to use and very easy to lose notes.
    Scan a few pages into a tab then keep catching dragging moving to separate them. And if you save-as a few of these and delete the saved ones its tough removing the empty gap in between. It’sa pain scrolling up/down…

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