Effect of exposure to app downloads: experiences from Web Tiles

In December 2011 I got an idea for a Windows Phone app that would allow the user to select an area from any web page and get it shown as a Live Tile that would update automatically. Long story short, Web Tiles was published on January 28th 2012.

The app is paid, currently priced at 2,99$/€ and has a free trial which limits the user to three fixed web pages. It has also been well reviewed: out of the 12 reviews worldwide 10 have rated the app five and two four stars. In this short article, my purpose is to take quick look at how different kinds of exposure the app has gained have affected the amount of daily downloads. Without further ado, let’s get into it. Below is the graph that shows the daily and cumulative downloads of the app so far.

There are three notable bumps in the daily downloads and a period on which the downloads were just generally above the average. The first bump is obviously because the app was just published and appeared on the new apps list. With the second one, I got lucky and the app was promoted to be shown on the Finnish Marketplace hub for a few days. The downloads during those four days represented a 3700% increase over the downloads during the four days before the promotion. Additionally, during the promotion, Web Tiles rose to the top five of the top tools and utilities list on the Finnish Marketplace. Exposure gained on that list explains the higher than average daily downloads for the next month or so. Making it to the top five of any list on the Marketplace is important as the top five apps are visible on a phone without scrolling the list.

I haven’t only relied on luck so far. I did also contact a few Windows Phone blogs telling them about my awesome(!) app. And so it happened, that on 9th of May Windows Phone Daily (http://www.windowsphonedaily.com/2012/05/web-tiles-creates-custom-tiles-for.html) and Windows Phone Thoughts (http://windowsphonethoughts.com/news/show/162055/create-your-own-live-tiles-from-any-web-page.html) published excellent articles about Web Tiles. This time the increase on daily downloads was approximately 400% for a few days. In addition to the direct bump on daily downloads, the blog posts lead to a further climb on the top tools and utilities list. Web Tiles peaked at the third place of the list, from which, without further promotion efforts, it started its decline, which is reflected by the declining daily downloads.

Additionally, on 18th of May Microsoft Finland tweeted about the app and on 19th I published and invited people to the Facebook page I made for the app (http://www.facebook.com/wpwebtiles). These events seem to have lead into some (hard to calculate) extra downloads as well.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found the post interesting. Also, remember to try Web Tiles out! ;-)




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The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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One Response to Effect of exposure to app downloads: experiences from Web Tiles

  1. Logan Nowak says:

    I experienced something very similar with my game, Triblox, being features on the Italian/Spanish marketplaces. It had a 1500% growth in downloads and continued momentum it didn’t have before.

    Congrats on the success!

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