Feelings about Windows Phone Sovelluskehitys by Jani Järvinen

I’ve been reading a book called Windows Phone Sovelluskehitys by Jani Järvinen lately, and for a .NET beginner like me, it’s been a great first step into the world of mobile app programming. Definitely something I’m recommending for everyone interested in the subject to check out!What I like about Järvinen’s style is how he manages to explain things simply. The book is easy to pick up and read a chapter or two in a bus and then continue from where you left later – not something I can say about all educational books.

The focus in the book is in the use of tools called Visual Studio and Expression Blend. Lucky for you, Microsoft offers a free version of both in the Windows Phone 7.1 Software Development Kit that you can get for free here. The book gives a good insight into the Microsoft ecosystem and other tools needed for more serious and professional minded development too, and while for someone just wanting to try out WP programming this might be unnecessary at that moment, it is definitely something that can prove to be usefull later on.

All the main features of the Windows Phone devices are covered in easy to understand C# code examples, and by the time you finish reading, you’ll know how to access and use the GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and camera data in your code. One chapter is dedicated to XNA game developement, as is one for Silverlight. Overall, I’d say you can find everything important from the book.

After all that, what’s left is how to submit and certify your apps into the marketplace. Järvinen guides you trough this process and also tells you how making money with your applications works. Either trough advertisements or app sales.

Windows Phone 8 being right at our doorstep, there’s no better time to get into app making.

Windows Phone Sovelluskehitys is available in Finnish and is published by Docendo Finland.

About the Author

Niko TuominenNiko Tuominen (Twitter)
Niko is currently a student at Cygnaeus-lukio upper secondary school in Jyväskylä. He is interested in technology and loves playing with new hardware more than anything. In his free time he likes to listen to great music, watch good movies and do some pc gaming.


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The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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