JySTeC kicks off it’s first complete course in a classroom packed with enthusiasts

On 6th of March 2012 quarter past two pm Jyväskylä Student Tech Club kicked off its first complete course for students of Jyväskylä University and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. The course concentrates on no other than the Windows Phone platform and rewards the attendees with three to five ECTS credits. The interest for the course far exceeded any expectations and even the attendee limit was raised from 30 to 40, all the interested students couldn’t fit in! Fortunately for them, the course is based on the free materials from the Microsoft Faculty Connection and the free Windows Phone ebook called Windows Phone Blue Book.

While the first lecture kept it simple introducing the course and the very basics of Windows Phone platform, the course is lengthy enough to dive deep into the practicalities of implementing your first Windows Phone application. Within the next couple of months the students will be served 32 hours of juicy lectures with acompanioning practices. Most enthusiastic students can go for the full five credits by creating their own game or application utilizing the skills learned on the course. Which, by the way, include topics from what is Windows Phone to basics of Silverlight, XNA, Visual Studio, Expression Blend, Sketch Flow, Metro principles, MVVM, Isolated Storage, Launchers, Choosers, publishing in Marketplace and more!

JarnoMontonenJarno Montonen (@jarnmo)
Jarno is a former sports addict, current IT fiend and an Information Systems Development student from Jyväskylä University. He enjoys playing beach volley, rollerblading and snowboarding. But you’ll likely find him between the chair and keyboard, doing some game or mobile development.

Tsuri KamppuriTsuri Kamppuri (@tsurinosu)

Tsuri is a bachelor student of Media Engineering. While not toying around with bleeding edge tools in web development and gulping down copious amounts of energy drinks, he indulges in occasional trips to snowy forests with a board under his feet.


About arcticmsp

The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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