Geeks On Wheels Grande Finale

Tuesday December 13th was the last session for this years Geeks on Wheels. The last stop was Metropolia’s Bulevardi campus in Helsinki and the boogie was good.

Drazen Dodik gave the tour’s standard set ranging from fairly basic concepts to more detailed information around and about the whole platform and ecosystem that is Windows Phone 7. It seems, that even after over 2 weeks of road-tripping, fatigue was still not in his vocabulary as the attendees seemed to get exactly what they came looking for and with gusto.

The MSP Team and Microsoft would like to take the opportunity to thank the attendees and co-operating schools along with the companies Symbio, Avanade and Nokia for taking part in the tour.

Hopefully we’ll get more of this in the future too!

Along with this post the Finnish Microsoft Student Partners and ArcticMSP-blog would like to wish everyone happy holidays and an awesome new year! Hopefully many gift-wrappings will contain smart devices and other such awesomeness.


About arcticmsp

The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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