Geeks On Wheels Day 1

BRRRRRROOOOOM goes the RV engine as the geekiest of roadcrews drive off into the sunset after the first tourstop in Lappeenranta. Hopefully the guys can find their way to Kajaani by morning when this blogpost is published, or they’ll be starting a new MSP chapter in Russian Carelia.

Drazen doing his thing

The first installment of the geeks on wheels took place in Lappeenranta University of Technology and it was a great start alltogether. The event brought together about 100 participants with a fifth being representatives of the local business scene. The attendees certainly got more than they bargained for as the crew gave away an awesome Lumia 800 phone and plans to do so on every stop of the way… just saying!

The learning experience of this tour is actually a two-way street as the crew is taking this oppoturnity to get a sneak peek of attitudes towards windows phone development at the dawn of the first Nokia-Microsoft devices. Among the lessons learned, was firstly that the educators are seriously planning to up the ante on using WP7 as the weapon of choice for teaching mobile development. Secondly the huge interest businesses are giving to the platform and the young agile developers who are looking to build their talents on the coolest, latest and best tech available.

Roughly 100 attendees alltogether

Even the local media was interested of the event and for a reason. Afterall it’s not everyday the students get spoilt with all this attention from the corporate world and a great professional speaker to boot. The sessions are held by Drazen Dodik, a former MSP and nowadays the Academic Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. He has extensive experience in spreading the wp7-love to some serious players in the mobile industry. The MSP’s are keeping supportive roles and running the lounge-areas adjacent to the sessions. Oh yeah, and you can get in touch with your inner karate kid with the Kung Fu High Impact, set up at the lounge area too.

Next Up Jyväskylä University! Here we come!

MSP Alumni Bishal has Kung-Fu

MSP Alumni Bishal has Kung-Fu

Latest tools of the trade on show

DD chillaxing like a BOSS

Local students enjoying the lounge area

Kung Fu High Impact was super popular


Hipster Teemu is Hipster!


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The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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