Happening just now: An awesome MSP summit pt.2

For the first 24h hours, check out our last post.

The afternoon of day 2 brought us to Ruoholahti for an awesome lazertag war, followed by dinner and returning to the hotel. The evening was continued by Jukka Wallasvaara doing a technical set about databinding and using sample data on windows phone development along with the teams working on their projects until the early hours. Some partied, some coded and some were just too exhausted to do neither.


After the night it was time to kick off the last day of our summit. After an

Antti Knutas and Sergey Deriglazov hacking on team 4's app

hour of finetuning we got to see the MSP’s of Turku show off their trip to LA for the BUILD-confrence earlier this year. The last actual piece of agenda was the Teams doing their presentations and demo’s of what they had spent the last 24 hours on.

Team 1 and Team 2 had both created apps connecting the MSP:s of the world with their WP7-devices. Team 3 had created a very beautiful and an awesomely metro app for amateur paparazzi-action and flashmobbing around celebrities. Team 4 had brought the old tamagochi-idea up-to-date and replaced the boring dinosaur with your very own pet-MSP. Team 5 had a very professional-looking app for handling your stock portfolio. Team 6 had created a location based game where you conquer areas from the bing maps and compete against other players from around the world. Next up was the QuickNote app streamlining creating and saving notes for precious memories and moments. Team 8 had an app for minigames filled with a heavy theme of inside jokes. Last but not least Team 9 had created an app to manage a drinking game/application for choosing the best beverage for the right situation.

MSP Teams hard at work

Team 1 kicking off the presentations

Team 6 presenting the Map-game

JesseSanttila_thumb3About the author:

Jesse (@JesseSanttila) is an IT student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He loves technology, gadgets, design, punk rock and videogames. He has been lately very excited about the upcoming Finnish startup-scene and brilliant ideas people come up with.


About arcticmsp

The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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2 Responses to Happening just now: An awesome MSP summit pt.2

  1. Tapio Markkula says:

    Meniköhän ilmoittautumiseni Turun kehittäjäseminaariin 8:12. perille, kun ohjauduin välittömästi tälle sivulle.

    • arcticmsp says:

      Painoithan varmasti “Lähetä” -nappia, eikä sitä punaista neliötä, missä luki “Seuraa kiertueen kulkua täältä”? Tarkistamme asian, laitetaan sähköpostiin vastausta.

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