Happening just now: An awesome MSP summit pt.1

It’s once again the time for the big bi-annual/annual Nordic-Baltic MSP summit. This time the event was hosted again in Finland and guests arrived all the way from Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Norway and obviously the local Finns from all around the country.

In the event agenda this year we’ve had some stuff about Office 365 and ofcourse stuff about Windows Phone 7 development. An Avanade representative and ex-MSP Jesse Honkanen also made an apperance to talk about career-opportunities around .NET-technologies and we also had some speakers talking about careers in Microsoft. As per the traditional formula the 3-day event started in Keilaniemi at the Microsoft offices with the tour and information on the upcoming couple of days. Later in the day we took off to the Korpilampi hotel out in the Espoo outback.

Summit fall 2011

Summit attendees signing in at the hotel

The shy Finns huddled together

The first evening was paced by all the countries giving presentations over what they’ve been up to lately and after dinner we hit the hotel nightclub for some awesome networking, if ou know what I mean…

Then came day 2 and after a slightly groggy morning on some MSP’s we got to work. We had a WP7 best practices training session again by an Avanade representative and got to work on apps of our own. The groups were assigned to develop an app idea, prototype it and eventually develop it as far along as the skills and allocated time would allow.

In the next post we’ll go through some samples of what was achieved. Be sure to check back in a couple of days.

JesseSanttila_thumb3About the author:

Jesse (@JesseSanttila) is an IT student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He loves technology, gadgets, design, punk rock and videogames. He has been lately very excited about the upcoming Finnish startup-scene and brilliant ideas people come up with.


About arcticmsp

The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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