Student Partners rolling with style at the BUILD-conference

WindowsBUILDThree of our Finnish Student Partners headed over to Los Angeles to attend BUILD! These guys are living the American dream and geeking it up at the same time. They are sharing videos, pictures and stories from their adventures, make sure you follow them at the Salo Student Tech Club Blog


The guys have been rolling around the city and experiencing Hollywood. They’ve met all the magical people of the city, checked out the Hollywood sign and been familiarizing to the cuisine. Of course it would all be useless if they didn’t roll with style, that’s why the guys rented a Mustang. Now that’s cool!

Here are some pictures from the trip and more from our Flickr

The guys with Johnny Depp The ride Windows 8 Free slates!

We’ve heard amazing stories from BUILD and watched in envy when the new developer slates were given to attendees. Check their blog for more information and news from BUILD!’

Missed BUILD?

Were you unable to attend the BUILD-conference? Have no fear the stream is here! You can check the keynotes, session and much more from Channel9

DrazenDodikAbout the author:

Drazen (@diggthedrazen) is a IT student at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences and is a complete Windows Phone and Metro addict! He likes to spend his time listening to kickass music, watching movies none else will watch and playing twister. You can check his ramblings over at


About arcticmsp

The Finnish Microsoft Student Partners are a group of enthusiastic students, who are interested in technology and all things new, techy and cool!
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